Solveig Larson Promised Land Meme

This gem of a quote comes from Nancy Newhall, caption-writer for pioneering wilderness photographer Anselm Adams.

It inspired local Bellingen nature photographer Solveig Larsen with this response:

In nature, there are no concepts… unless the mind begins to label.
This is why we feel so at peace in nature.
A question to ask wilderness is ‘Who am I without concepts?’

This is one of Solveig’s photographs of the Promised Land waterhole near Bellingen … a precious natural place that offers respectful visitors an experience of deep peace.

Here at North Farm Loving Nature Retreat Space we love the way artists shift our consciousness to see the underlying connectedness of all things, just as Zen masters used the poetic imagery of a ‘koan’ to break the stranglehold of linear thinking. Thanks Nancy, and thanks Solveig, for creating an eco-koan!

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