What we offer

Magic happens when groups gather, especially in beautiful places in nature. Before you book the space, dream yourself and your group into it. Tell us how you would like your ideal retreat to unfold and we will give you some options for your group.

To give you a rough idea, pricing ranges from $90 to $200 per person per night, depending on the size and configuration of your group.

We welcome groups from 6-20 guests, including staff, for a minimum of 2 nights.

We have 4 double bedrooms, sleeping 6 – 8. We also hire beautiful bell tents from the Stylish Camping Company for larger groups. They are roomy and comfortable and can be set up for 1-2 people in double beds or up to 4 in single beds. Our guests really enjoy sleeping close to nature.


Back2Roots Retreat North Farm Bellingen

Would you like to have a Hawaiian masseuse, an Ayurvedic chef, a Food as Medicine coach or a shiatsu practitioner on staff? There are lots of wonderful practitioners in Bellingen who can work with us to make your retreat a real success.

You may prefer to bring your own chef or therapist, and that’s fine too.

There are lots of options. Think about what would suit your group and, together, we can make it happen.

Making a booking is easy and we can personalise a retreat package that’s perfect for you and for your group.

Booking request

These 6 questions might be useful in thinking about the design of your retreat Or you might prefer to just drop us a line here instead. Either way, we’ll get back back to you in the next day or two.

  • Please note we have a minimum stay of 2 nights
  • We can accommodate from 6 to 20 guests, including staff