Baby goats are joyful creatures. From the minute they land on planet earth, they start to explore. It’s hard not to anthropomorphise but it does seem to be joy they jump for as they leap vertically into the air and play with each other. They are a little more sedate in these photos, taken the day after Lottie was born. Delilah was her senior by 3 days.

Goats - North Farm Loving Nature Retreat Spac


The kids are a joy and the mothers are so happy and contented as they fuss around their babies. And they, the mothers, are so generous. They produce so much milk that not only do they feed their babies but they also feed us. ¬†We are again enjoying fresh milk, yoghurt, haloumi, feta and ricotta after our winter break. It’s so creamy and smooth at this time of year.

Goats - North Farm Loving Nature Retreat Space

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