What a beautiful day it is today. Glorious. There’s a clear, blue sky, a soft breeze and warm sun. I am noticing it all, rather than taking it for granted as I usually do, and I’m pretty sure that’s a direct result of a wonderful yoga session we had this morning at North Farm.

Wendy’s Dru Yoga on Friday mornings is a joy. It takes an hour and a half but it feels timeless as she takes us together on a journey within ourselves – into our own bodies, our minds and our spirit. It’s not a consciousness I usually have. Unless something is hurting, I barely notice my physical body. My mind is generally filled with thoughts about the thousand and one details that make up a life. And my spirit seems to have a life of its own. It flits around, almost like an outsider at times.

Dru Yoga draws me into a space where I feel exquisitely conscious of my body – its weight, its feel and its cleverness as it responds to my mind which gets it to move at will. In turn, as I become conscious of my mind and its constantly changing contents, I am able to be more present in the room and more aware of my surroundings. There are other people doing the same thing and together we are creating a wonderful, unique moment of awareness as our spirits respond to the group energy.

It is such a beautiful, nourishing way to start the day. As I go about my business – or rather, liveliness – I feel light and uplifted and full of gratitude for this wonderful practice and for Wendy who makes it happen every week, rain, hail or shine. It truly is a very special combination – Wendy and Dru!


Dru Yoga - North Farm Loving Nature Retreat Space


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