Each morning here at North Farm the male Regent Bowerbird, unmistakable in his glossy golden plumage, launches himself out into space, heading across the valley towards his favourite perch high in the forest canopy.
We rarely notice the female Regent Bowerbird because she is perfectly camouflaged by her speckledy olive plumage.

We recently learned that the male dazzles with his brain as well as his beauty.



He uses sticks to make a short, roofless corridor, and decorates it with lots of coloured objects, like snail shells and bits of blue plastic.

Amazingly, he creates a greyish blue or green ‘saliva paint’ in his mouth, to be used as further decoration on the bower walls, and will sometimes use bundles of leaves to apply it.

This is one of the few known instances of tool use in birds, according to an article in Australian Geographic.

How blessed we are to share this place with a golden genius!

For more information about the beautiful birds that have been sighted here at North Farm, head over to our page, The Birds of North Farm to see a list of the 56 species that have been seen here, as well as some interesting videos and links to further bird-watching resources in the Coffs coast/Bellingen region.

“I think the most important quality in a birdwatcher is a willingness to stand quietly and see what comes. Our everyday lives obscure a truth about existence – that at the heart of everything there lies a stillness and a light.”

― Lynn Thomson, Birding with Yeats: A Mother’s Memoir


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