Jen St Clair and Gai Stern, North Farm Retreat Space


Jen and Gai met in Bellingen in 1987. They lived and worked in town back then, all the while dreaming about owning a piece of land where they could grow their own food and harvest their own water and power.

Jen had grown up on a dairy farm in Sussex, England, and longed for a more rural life. She had studied Agricultural Science at London University and her Honours thesis focussed on food quality produced by organic and biodynamic methods. She worked as an investigative journalist for Here’s Health magazine before coming to Australia in 1986.

Gai was born in Katoomba, near Sydney, but due to her footloose parents, she grew up in the next county to Jen, in Kent, England. Her interests paralleled Jen’s as she had studied horticulture, run a landscaping business, written for Simply Living magazine about organic gardening and food for over a decade and published a couple of books.

They both understood the healing power of nature and wanted to ‘live the life’.

In order to achieve their dream, they left Bellingen in 1993 and moved to Canberra so that they could save up for a farm. While they were there, they worked a lot with groups and saw powerful effects when people came together for almost any endeavour where they shared a common purpose. They knew then that they wanted to welcome the energy of groups into their new life.

After thirteen years, they returned to Bellingen and began the search for their perfect place and the perfect pace. They moved to North Farm in 2007 and have spent several years transforming the property into a working farm and retreat centre. You can read more about the rhythms of life at North Farm here.

Gai and Jen love living close to nature and very much enjoy welcoming guests to share the web of loveliness at North Farm.